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Açai: What it is, benefits and properties.

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Açai is a fruit that comes from the jungle of Brazil, which has become very popular, due to the large number of benefits it provides. The interest that this Amazonian fruit has sparked, almost everywhere around the world, is due to the great contribution of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, fibre and healthy fats that it contains. This fleshy fruit strengthens the immune system, fights the effects of aging and helps muscle growth. In this article, we have provided you with further information about its properties and benefits.


What is açai?

Açai is a fruit which comes from a palm tree and grows in humid areas in the Brazilian jungle. It is purple and its size is very similar to that of a grape. In recent years, it has achieved great prominence for its enormous nutritional properties. Above all, because it promotes digestion, eliminates impurities from the colon and aids weight loss.

This fruit looks a lot like the blueberry, though it is a round, dark berry which measures from 10 to 14 mm. The fruit grows in the form of clusters, called "bunches". The usual thing is to locate between three and five clusters. They can only be harvested twice a year and are characterised by a very peculiar flavour: a mixture of grapes, chocolate and raspberry.


Origin of the açai

There is a legend that speaks of the origin of Açai and its history. It is said that many centuries ago, at the mouth of the Amazon River, there lived a tribe, which was ruled by Chief Itaki. This people, after living comfortably and without any difficulties, faced hunger. Itaki determined that no more children would be born or otherwise they would be sacrificed for the good of all.

The chief's own daughter, Iaçá, became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful girl. Although she begged her father not to sacrifice the baby, as Itaki was a man of his word, he did not spare the little one's life. Her mother cried in despair until she was alerted by a child's cry. When she opened the door she could see her daughter smiling at the foot of a palm tree.

When she tried to hug her, the little girl disappeared, then noticed that she was hugging a palm tree. She cried in despair and lost the will to live. After that, Itaki found her daughter dead, her face smiling, hugging this tree. He noticed that there was a cluster of dark purple berries, like his daughter's eyes. He ordered them to be collected and extracted their juice to feed his tribe. This made it possible to end the ban on having children.

For many generations, this berry has served as a means of sustenance for all the natives of this region. Many of the inhabitants of Belém consume it daily in the form of juice, wine or to accompany fish. This was the great miracle of the tears of Iaçá and the history of Açai.


Properties of Açai

Undoubtedly, its use in our diet is highly recommended thanks to the properties of açai. These berries are a great source of antioxidants because they have the ability to protect our cells. In addition, this fruit is recommended for all ages and can be consumed in various ways, as there are recipes to suit all tastes.

  • Energy source.

    One of its greatest properties is that it is an incredible source of energy for vitamins, proteins and fibre. Ideal for mixing in a yogurt, smoothie or juice to overcome fatigue.
  • Helps the immune system.

    It has many antioxidants and fibre and it prevents diseases, such as cancer, as well as strengthening the body's defences.
  • Natural diuretic.

    This fruit is highly recommended for people who retain fluids and need to remove them.
  • It reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.

    As it contains omegas, antioxidants and fibre, it helps protect cardiovascular health.

In conclusion, it should be noted that this berry is ideal for the detoxification of the body and it is especially recommended for vegetarian diets and people who have very intense physical activity, such as athletes.


Preparing a bowl of açai at home

As we already know all the benefits of Açai, we are going to offer you a few tips so you can make your own bowl at home to start the day. Preparing a good breakfast with the energy input needed by the body is a good way to start the day.

  • The recipe is very simple, just add milk, use açai powder, pieces of fruit and add a type of granola, such as our  Original Granola or nuts.
  • Place the fruit in a blender and add some milk and the ground açai (five grammes).
  • Bananas, strawberries, apples or blueberries may be included, as well as almond milk and oat flakes.

In conclusion, we hope that you will give it a go and try this delicious fruit which is beneficial to our bodies. As we have explained, it has many nutritional properties and it helps us to be more energetic, to protect our immune system, as well as to feel much younger.